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Suite Corner Florence

3,079лв. 5,139лв.

  1. Extender;
  1. + 2pcs. Luggage storage;
  1. With a sleep function;

Color Combinations: Inquiry!
Enjoy a long dreamed comfort with the new Florence corner of the Furniture Factory "NEW HOME" Yambol!
Bet on elegance and impeccable quality in your new home. Holo angle Florence is a modern and luxurious model offering super comfort and excellent functionality
With its beautiful vision and incredible convenience, the Florence Hobby Corner will become your favorite holiday spot. Guaranteed!
Extremely soft and comfortable chalk corner design with superb design!
The model features a click-shake feature.
At the base of the couch are two chests.
+ 4 pcs. decorative pillows
When ordering the corner can be made in the left or right version, there is also a possibility to choose a fabric.
You can order this product online or at any of our stores. (When ordering through our site, you can pay for delivery)
         Furniture is available on a pay-as-you-go basis.
         Delivery to any point in Bulgaria.
         All prices are VAT.
         When unpacking, we do not recommend the use of sharp or cutting objects due to the possibility of damage to the product. Injury of a similar nature will not be accepted as a claim.

Material:Jacquard luxury & Eco Leather
Dimensions:350sm/250sm Площ за сън:140sm/248sm
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